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Lake Annecy

Holiday at Lake Annecy


Lake Annecy, an exceptional place

Lake Annecy was mainly created by the progressive melting of alpine glaciers. It slowly took shape in the valley between 17000 and 15000 BCE.
The first village appeared in the 1st century. It would eventually become the town known today as Annecy. Perched at 446 m of elevation, the lake covers 28 km2 (14.5 km long x 3.5 km wide), making it the second-largest lake in France.
The lake is fed by several small rivers that have their sources in the surrounding mountains. It is also known for its cleanliness, and is considered the cleanest urbanized lake in Europe.
Surrounded by the Bornes Massif to the east, the town of Annecy to the north, and the Bauges Massif to the south, its remarkable setting generates a feeling of peace and fulfillment in a natural, mountainous environment.

Leisure Activities

Activities at Lake Annecy

The residents and merchants have turned Lake Annecy into a place with people to meet and things to do, where there’s something for everyone.
Follow its 35 km green way (one of the oldest in France), and explore the lake’s surroundings. Passing through the lakeside villages and following the beaches, it will lead you through this authentic and diverse environment. So walk, roller skate, or bike down this easy-access trail.
There are also many water sports you can enjoy as a tourist to Lake Annecy. You can try paddleboarding, sailing, water skiing, diving, and even fishing. The good-natured locals and natural environment make for a fun and authentic experience in the Haute-Savoie.

Your Trip

Apartment rental on Lake Annecy

Our 9 apartments on Lake Annecy, comfortable and functional (studio-5 rooms), will make for a great stay in the town of Annecy. Enjoy the luxury of staying right by the lake.
Some even have a direct view of the lake, for a natural spectacle that changes with the seasons. You can easily get to Lake Annecy from our apartments.
Come explore Lake Annecy and the surrounding area for a colorful holiday.


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